Health Care Industry


At Accounting Tree, we understand the challenges and needs for running a successful practice in the competitive environment. We strive to differentiate our services based most personalized and flexible approach that completely relieves the medical professionals from the day-to-day accounting & tax hassles, and allows them to focus on growing their practice.

To eliminate the dependencies on multiple agencies, we offer one-stop services , thereby, further allowing the practitioners to completely outsource their accounting, bookkeeping and tax services, and at the same time significantly reducing cost and improving profitability.

We seamlessly manage your accounting processes and systems and help you in keeping your practice in compliance with State and Federal accounting laws and procedures.

Our One-Stop Service Offering’s include:

Medical Accounting and Bookkeeping

    • General ledger & financial statement preparation
    • Bookkeeping (Monthly/Quarterly/Annual)
    • Accounting system setup for new businesses
    • Computerized payroll services
    • Business tax return preparation (Sales & Use/Business Property)
    • Personal financial statements

Medical Tax Preparation

    • Proactive Tax Planning
    • Tax Compliance and Preparation
    • Research on all types of Tax Matters

Medical Payroll Services

    • Greatly reduce the time and effort of paying your employees
    • Eliminate the worry of making on-time payroll tax deposits
    • Eliminate the risk of underpayment penalties and interest assessments
    • Provide up-to-date payroll tax law charges
      • We prepare:
      • Payroll and 3rd Party Checks
      • Direct Deposits
      • Electronic Tax Payments
      • Standard & Customized Payroll Reports
      • Quarterly Payroll Tax Returns
      • Year-end filing of payroll reports and W-2’s

Medical Advisory Services

    • Computer Consulting with specific emphasis with Quick Books®
    • Implementation and Training
    • Accounting System Evaluation
    • Financing Assistance
    • Inventory Control