Accounting and Tax Softwares


>> Software for tax planning, preparation and filing

TurboTax  Prepare, Print & File Taxes Easily.

Lacert  Professional Tax Software. Automate every step of pro tax prep with Lacerte.

BNA  BNA’s professional tax software is easy to use.

RapidTax  Spend 10 minutes and eFile Online Quickly. Safe & Secure. Free Live Tax Support.

TaxAct  Free Tax preparation- both online and desktop options

Sarbix  Provides enterprise tax software integrated with global tax research which automates all U.S. sales tax, use tax, and international value added tax.

CORPTAX  Professional tax software products for tax compliance, tax provision, tax planning & tax workflow automation from CORPTAX.

Oltpro  Complete 1040 package, all states, free efiling and bank products.

OrangeDoor  Orange Tax Suite Pro is the future of professional tax preparation software, with all the features you would expect from the best in professional tax software and more.

TaxWorks  TaxWorks’ special features will make your tax practice unbeatable. TaxWorks offers full conversions from many of our competitors’ software packages, as well as state-of-the-art electronic filing and bank services, tax planning software, per unit processing, importing from accounting software and a convenient tax guide.



UltraTax CS  UltraTax CS offers the most comprehensive family of tax preparation products available to professionals. By combining advanced technology, seamless integration, and powerful features, UltraTax CS enables you to streamline your entire tax practice workflow—from initial client data collection to e-filing of tax returns.



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